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The Atomic Vantage 79 C Skis + M 10 GW Bindings offer quick, energized carves for the frontside enthusiast who primarily sticks to groomed terrain. With their lightweight construction and easy maneuverability, the Vantage 79 C is all about enjoying the mountain, whether you’re a beginner or advanced skier looking for a fun and approachable setup.


Belconnen Ski ‘n’ Board


The Atomic Vantage 79 C is an awesome option for beginner to advanced intermediate skiers looking to get off of the rentals and onto their own pair. Carbon is inserted in the core for lots of feedback and liveliness when transitioning from carve to carve. The structured topsheet adds more durability and a nice look to the finished product that will have everyone turning their heads on the slopes. A Directional Shape provides no rocker in the tail that helps the contact points initiate to the snows surface for instant edge engagement. Prolite construction combined with lightweight woodcore delivers a lightweight feel with added shock absorption while the reinforcements in the key zones add strength and power. Improve your skills on the slopes with the Atomic Vantage 79 C.


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1 review for 2022 ATOMIC VANTAGE 79 C + M 10 GW BINDINGS

  1. Efren

    Great Skis For Beginner and Intermediate Skiers

    These skis are light and easy to turn and are a great set of skis for the strong beginner to intermediate skier. They are great dad skis. I can ski with my kids and also carve the frontside when the kids are taking a break. All around excellent skis for ripping around groomers. But, being a bit narrow around the waist, they probably won’t make good powder skis.

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